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Most homeowners don’t know that if their trees are not properly maintained, that can lead to big issues down the road. Proper tree trimming will prevent decay such as harbor termites or carpenter ants. Eventually, these problems will migrate from your trees into your home. This is why it is vital that homeowners utilize proper tree care when it comes to their homes.

Additionally, there are signs that your trees are rotting internally. Having an expert look at your trees can help determine what course of action you need to take. In some instances, a fungus was noticed and it was realized that the tree was rotting and was going to become a liability to the home.

If the roots of a tree are decaying, this will cause the tree to rot interally which means that your tree could fall over and cause damage to nearby structures. 

At Smith Tree Service, LLC, we provide residential & commercial tree services. We have qualified tree care technicians able to evaluate your trees to see what care is needed to maintain healthy and safe trees within your yard.

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